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In this show:

Paul Overton returns to the show to discuss the idea of Free: how the internet's abundance of free information both enhances and challenges our creative lives.

• We talk about lots of aspects of Free: how it builds community, how it challenges corporate interests, and how it launches crafty careers.

• ...And we talk about some nuts and bolts of using Free in your own craft business.


We mentioned a whole lot of people in this show. Here they are:

• First, read Paul's excellent post on Make & Meaning - Free: A Case Study

• As you might expect from a discussion about Free on the web, we also mentioned Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and John Jantsch.

• A really interesting book about the emerging economy of Free is (imagine this) Free, by Chris Anderson. You can get the book for free as an audiobook.

• We also talked about some folks in the craft community who use Free well: Ann Wood, Lee Meredith, and Kathy Cano Murillo.

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In this show:

• Let's look at Engagement Marketing, a very important tool for your crafty business in the internet age.

• We'll talk about how blogging, Twitter and Facebook can help you reach new customers... if you use them wisely.

• We'll also look at the most common online marketing mistakes I've seen crafty business owners make in 2009.


If you want to go deeper into these ideas, check out my ebooks:

Making a Great Blog: A Guide for Creative People

Creating a Blog Audience: An Unconventional Marketing Guide

Social Media for your Crafty Business

You might also like these engagement-marketing resources from around the web:

Trust Agents is a book well worth reading.

• Its co-author, Chris Brogan, writes a great blog.

• Another worthwhile book: The Whuffie Factor, by Tara Hunt.

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