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Welcome to the CraftyPod, a craft podcast all about making stuff.

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In this show:

- All about needlepoint, with Janet Perry, who's on a mission to change the way we think about this craft.

- Some discussion of why needlepoint is a perfect craft for today, and why it doesn't seem to get the respect it deserves.

- Lots of great ideas and resources to get you started needlepointing!


- Check out Janet'sNapa Needlepoint website, where you can find...

- Janet's self-published books: Needlepoint Trade Secrets and Bargello Revisited

- Janet's frequently-updated series of ebooks

- ...And, Janet's blog, Nuts About Needlepoint

- Janet also offers a free email needlepoint course for beginners.

- A book Janet recommends highly: Bargello, by Elsa Williams, published 1967.

- A book I recommend highly: Better Homes and Gardens Needlepoint, published 1978.

- Definitely check out the Modern Needlepoint on Flickr - it has lots of stunning work.

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