The podcast that's all about making stuff.
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Welcome to the CraftyPod, a craft podcast all about making stuff.

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In this show:

- The comments on this post tell me that the number one question folks have about craft blogging is, "What should I write about?" So this podcast attempts to answer that question.

- Learn why your blog is not really about you, and what it should be about instead.

- Understand why passion and value are two key elements of a great craft blog.

Good Bloggy Links:

- Check out the ebook I wrote about craft blogging. It covers even more techniques for finding topics to write about.

- How to Find Your Hidden Talent, on Skelliewag. A good exercise for those who need help identifying their passions.

- 7 Questions to Finding Your True Passion - a solid starting point to exploration.

- Watch this video: Gary Vaynerchuk absolutely nails how passion is crucial in the internet age.

- Julia Cameron's The Vein of Gold has been helping creative people find their passions for years.

- Don't miss this ProBlogger post on How to Write Great Blog Content.

- This ProBlogger post on developing a blog strategy is more about blogging goals than content, but great food for thought for new bloggers.

- If you're more of a photographer than a writer, you can tell your story on Flickr.

- If you're a person of few words, you might prefer Twitter or Tumblr

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