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Welcome to the CraftyPod, a craft podcast all about making stuff.

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In this show:

- An interview with Stephen Fraser, co-founder of Spoonflower.

- All about having custom fabric printed - how to do it, and what it means.

- Lots of interesting technical detail about how fabric printing is done, and how it impacts the environment.

Some Spoonflower Links:

- First, a link to the Spoonflower website. Get yourself on the beta list!

- Keep up with developments on the Spoonflower blog.

- Feast your eyes on the Spoonflower Fabric Designs Flickr Group.

- Here are some folks who've blogged their Spoonflower expreriences: Jinjur, A Little Hut, Polka Dot Cottage, Thaneeya, and moi.

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