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Welcome to the CraftyPod, a craft podcast all about making stuff.

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In this show:

- All about making gingerbread houses, with Pam Harris (My mom!)

- Notes on how to bake it, how to build it, and how to decorate it.

- Cautionary tales from our family's Gingerbread Disasters.

G-Bread Links:

- Martha's gingerbread house gingerbread recipe.

- Here's a giant photo gallery of gingerbread houses, for inspiration.

- Some nice detailed instructions from

- Another great tutorial, at Simply Recipes.

- Lifehacker has a nice tutorial, too.

- Recipes, blueprints, tips, and photos at Celebrating

- Okay, just go look at this little modern gingerbread house.

- Or, you can just enjoy this awesome decorate-it-yourself online gingerbread house at Allsorts.

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