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In this show:

• To further our ongoing discussion of Free and how it affects the craft community, I share my own story of Free. In some ways, Free has created my business. In others, it's created big challenges.

• I talk about the most important by-product of Free: community.

• ...And once again, I welcome your comments on this very complex subject.


Here's the discussions we've been having about Free so far:

• Paul Overton shares his experiences with Free on Make & Meaning, with Free: a Case Study.

• Paul and I also did a podcast about free a while back.

• Here's a piece I did on Make & Meaning, Free is Not a Marketing Tool. Some really interesting discussion in the comments.

• Kim Werker did an excellent post on her blog about how Free can lead to getting paid, but what you have to do to make that happen. • We also did a liveblog event at Make & Meaning about Free. You can read the transcript here.

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