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In this show:

• I talk with Marisa Lynch about her current project: revamping one (rather hideous) $1.00 thrift-store dress into something cute and fashionable every day. She blogs about it at New Dress a Day.

• We discuss exactly what goes into a project like this – keeping inspired, managing time, and where one stores hundreds of new garments!

• ...And we talk about Marisa's simple-yet-effective approach to garment reconstruction. There are no advanced tailoring skills needed, and the results are gorgeous.


• Check out New Dress a Day, where you can see the over 300 (!!!) garment revamps Marisa's completed already.

• Marisa's fame with this project is growing – she's been profiled on TIME's Money blog, and ReadyMade, Green LA Girl, (and numerous other blogs), and The Nate Berkus Show.


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